Sanctuary Community Groups are for LGBT people and allies, pastors and ministry leaders, and parents of LGBT children looking for safe space to discuss sexuality. They are confidential, HIPAA-compliant, and password protected. Our moderators are trained in non-violent dialogue mediation and help everyone walk together through a topic rather than just force a particular point of view. If you have questions or would like to be involved in a group, please fill out this brief form.

Groups for LGBT Christians: Fall 2017

Fall 2017 Community Groups Flyer

GBT Men's Group led by Justin Lee

Justin Lee

This fall, Sanctuary is pleased to welcome Justin Lee as our Fall G/B/T Men's group leader. Justin is the author of Torn: Rescuing the Gospel from the Gays-vs.-Christians Debate, the founder and former Executive Director of the Gay Christian Network, and the founder of Nuance Ministries, a nonprofit that is dedicated to using education and gracious dialogue to change anti-LGBT attitudes in Christian communities.


First Men's Group meeting is tonight (Oct. 30) at 8 PM EST! 


LBT Women's Group led by Emiko Hall and Emily Swan

Emiko Hall

Emiko Hall

Emily Swan

Emily Swan

Emiko Hall is passionate about reconciling the infamous great divide between conservative Christian and LGBTQ identities. She continues this trajectory doing her clinical practice for her MA in Marriage and Family Therapy at the Los Angeles LGBT Center and Sync Counseling Center while serving Blue Ocean Church, LA. 

Emily Swan lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan where she co-pastors Blue Ocean Ann Arbor. Together with Ken Wilson, she helped the three-decade-old Vineyard congregation work through the dynamics of becoming a fully inclusive, third-way community that eventually became a part of the Blue Ocean Movement. 


Fall 2017 Topic: The Fruit of the Spirit

Written by Justin Lee

Love, joy, peace, and all the rest—as Christians, our lives are supposed to exemplify the Fruits of the Spirit, but for many of us in the LGBT+ community, that’s easier said than done. (What does it mean to have “peace” when we’ve been taught over and over that we’re sinful and unlovable? What does it mean to show “patience” and “gentleness” to the people who have wronged us in the church?) In this weekly study, we’ll be looking at each of the Fruits in biblical context and talk about what they mean to us as sexual and gender minorities.


An Update on Cost

This fall all groups require a minimum donation of $5 to attend, which allows us to defray the cost of hosting, training, and compensation for moderators. We do not seek to make a profit on these groups but only to ensure that they are sustainable and effective for the organization and participants. 


Limited Space

Each community group can only host twelve participants. This is to enhance the value of each community, so that a group can grow together and everyone can be heard. Because of this, please sign up only if you know you can participate for the majority of the six-week study.


Groups for Pastors: Spring 2018

Online pastor groups will return in Spring 2018. Please fill out this form to find out when registration opens.

"We Need To Talk" Webinar

If you're a pastor or church/ministry leader, watch the "We Need To Talk" webinar. If you are interested in initiating a dialogue about sexuality in your church and have questions about how your church can be a safe space, join one of our online groups for pastors and church leaders. These groups are password-protected, so if you want to join one, please fill out our form and we will get in touch with you.